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They will soar on wings like Eagles... Isaiah 40:31

WCCA students in sixth through eighth grades are making memories that will last a lifetime.  Through academics, sports programs, social activities, and spiritual emphasis, the Junior High Department's goal is to provide an environment for junior high students to grow and mature physically, develop a godly lifestyle, prepare for the rigors of high school, and provide a solid foundation for making choices and confronting the challenges of the future.

Junior High students enjoy a new sense of self, thanks to rotating class and teacher schedules, lockers, and electives.  These electives provide a welcome break from the routine and provide opportunities for students to learn new skills or enhance existing hobbies through classes such as guitar, choir, perspective drawing & shading, financial management, drama, yearbook, spanish, entrepreneurship, digital photography, video production, computers, family & consumer sciences, advanced drawing, and student government.  Those opting for the student government elective must be elected by their peers, and they will have the opportunity to develop key leadership skills as they plan end-of-the-quarter parties, inspiring chapels, field trips, spirit week, and a variety of other activities.

Traditional recess becomes "morning break," complete with snack time privileges in the lunchroom, and afternoon P.E. classes include "dressing out" in the official WCCA P.E. uniform.  Many more opportunities for physical education come in the form of intramural sports at the lunch break and numerous after-school team sports.

Our staff seeks to be an extension of the home as we help these pre-teens develop not only a personal responsibility for their schoolwork, but also their own Christian worldview as their faith truly becomes their own.

In the fall, sixth graders travel to Mission Springs Christian Camp and Conference Center in Scotts Valley (near Santa Cruz) for our required Outdoor Education Week.  All activities, from classes to campfires, are designed to foster spiritual growth.  The camp’s naturalists are trained to intentionally weave spiritual lessons throughout the natural science lessons of the day.  At night, this integration of faith with the real world continues when the naturalists share during campfires and evening programs. 

Every other year, seventh and eighth graders may opt to join a weeklong fall tour of Washington, D.C.  This hands-on history lesson is the highlight for many and provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study American history in the very places where it was made. . An eight day excursion which visits all of the major historical spots in  Washington D.C., Gettysburg, Philadelphia, and New York City.


8:30 -9:22 1st Period

9:25-10:08 2nd Period


10:25-11:08 Chapel/Spelling or Study Skills-Mon & Fri Electives Tue,Wed,Thur

11:11-11:54 4th Period

Lunch Recess

12:31-1:14 5th Period

1:17 -2:00 6th Period

2:00-2:50 PE