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They will soar on wings like Eagles... Isaiah 40:31

Here at Walnut Creek Christian Academy, our families play an integral role in the education of their children.  Below are a few of the testimonials offered from some of those families.

"We are incredibly happy with our decision to send our son to WCCA. The kindergarten curriculum is outstanding, well-balanced, interesting, instructional, spiritual and fun for the kids. Ours son is thrinving in the WCCA environment. He is excited to go to school everyday and comes home talking about all the new things he has learned. We love seeing him so engaged, comfortable and confident about his school. The teachers and staff at WCCA are caring, welcoming and they truly care about their students. It's an environment that fosters personal and spiritual growth. We feel blessed to be a part of WCCA."
-Lorie and Mark Sherman

"We have been so pleased to see the skills and knowledge our daughter acquired in previous grades being solidly cemented together, reinforced, and then expanded to the second grade level through the use of all five senses during learning activities-- this all based on a biblical foundation. Our daughter said, "It's fun AND serious!"'
-John and Ji-Hee McGuire

"We are thoroughly pleased with the education provided to our children by Walnut Creek Christian Academy. The students are exposed to what can be termed a “whole person” educational philosophy. That is to say that not only does WCCA provide an excellent Academic Program equaled by none, but there is also an emphasis upon the Physical, Relational, and we believe more importantly, the Spiritual aspects of growth and maturity necessary to developing children soon to be young adults. The care and love that the staff here at WCCA provides to our children allows them to use the gifts, which they have been given, in order that they may become all that God would desire in their lives. There is no other school in the San Francisco Bay Area, and dare we say all of California, that can remotely approach the quality of education found here at Walnut Creek Christian Academy."
-Dan and Charlotte Diaz

"My daughter was blessed to spend the first eight years of her education at WCCA. WCCA is so much more than just a school- it is a community, a community dedicated to the intellectual, social, and spiritual development of its students. Thanks to WCCA academic excellence, my daughter achieved top scores on the nationally standardized tests. More importantly, the attentive, caring and dedicated faculty and staff of WCCA instilled in my daughter self-confidence and a strong moral compass. I highly recommend WCCA to anyone who is seeking a rigorous and well-rounded program that develps the heart, mind and soul of its students and compares extremely favorably to other schools costing three or four times more."
-Gregory DePasquale

"Since starting second grade, our son has been more excited about not only reading Bible stories, but also understanding the need to apply biblical concepts to his own life. We feel blessed to know that he's learning the morals that we believe in, as they are reaffirmed at WCCA."
-Jim and Tierney Alexander

"Third grade has been a great year for learning responsibility. Students are taught how to plan ahead for tests and practice responsibility in their daily homework and weekly tests. We like the focus on character trait development as illustrated in the study of the Old Testament."
-Steve and Cindy Bolter

"The WCCA Kindergarten program is fabulous!  The environment is warm, nurturing and safe.  The teachers and faculty have a genuine concern for the development and well being of every child here.  We are truly blessed to be here!"
-Richard and Connie Udjur

"My daughter has loved the kindergarten buddy system and I love the fact that it teaches her about responsibility and the importance of having compassion for others."
-Virginia Ramon

"We feel that the larger projects the 6th and 7th graders are given really have great value and provide a learning and growing experience for the children, for example, Science and Bible. The goal of these projects is not just the end product, but having the children learn how to think through something, how to organize, how to read and follow directions, obtain supplies and materials, and then actually assemble and create the project. I really like that parents are encouraged to work with their children so it can be an even better experience.
"We also appreciate the importance  that WCCA puts on world history and particularly geography. It provides the children a better concept of the world for learning and understanding."
-Rolando and Sandra Paredes

"As you and the other teachers at WCCA have been such great role models as teachers of God's Word in principles, I wanted to express my appreciation. You are truly impressing God's ways on our children."
-Anonymously submitted by a WCCA parent

"Our son started here in third grade. Since that time, we have been very happy with how WCCA has helped develop his reading abilities. Now, in his third year of Powerline, we have noticed significant improvement every year. From third grade on, the teachers have always been willing to work with us to ensure his success."
-Mike and Christina Politis

"When it came time for our son to start Kindergarten, we researched several educational options.  We chose WCCA for many reasons, but primarily because of their full-day program.  Even though it seemed like a long day at first, we believe that the teachers have more time to teach the basic concepts, and the children thrive in a more relaxed classroom setting."
-Brad and Vicki Northcutt.

"The teachers at WCCA are everything you could wish for. They are wonderful role models for our Jr. High kids."
-Marc and Mary Malott