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They will soar on wings like Eagles... Isaiah 40:31

TUITION 2024-2025



1st Child

2nd Child

3rd Child

$8,990 + Fees
$8,790 + Fees
$8,590 + Fees
Junior High
$9,490 + Fees
$9,290 + Fees
$9,090 + Fees

For multiple children families, the oldest child will financially be figured as the 1st child.

*2% discount if yearly tuition is paid in full by August 1st.
10-month payment plans available(August-May) 


THE BASIC FUND - (Bay Area Scholarships for InnerCity Children) is a privately funded program dedicated to broadening the educational opportunities for children by helping low-income families afford the cost of tuition at private schools. Information and application forms are available online at The BASIC Fund is for families with at least one student new to Christian school.

NEW STUDENT REFERRAL CREDIT - To show our appreciation for our WCCA families who spread the good news about our school, current WCCA families who, through their referral, are responsible for enrolling a family new to our school will earn a new student referral credit which will be applied to their tuition account. The New Student Referral Credit is $500 for an incoming WCCA family and $300 (5 Full Days), $175 (3 Full Days), and $75 (2 Half Days) for an incoming preschool family.


KINDERGARTEN-8th GRADE APPLICATION FEE - $150 PER STUDENT (includes assessment fee)

Kindergarten & 8th GRADE ENROLLMENT FEE - $395 (includes the graduation fee)

The Application Fee is non-refundable. The only exception is if, after an interview with the administration, it is recommended that your child not be accepted for enrollment at the Academy, the application fee will be refunded.

CONSUMABLES/ELECTIVES FEES (required) $395 for all consumables, electives, field trips, FACTS, etc.

PARENT VOLUNTEER SCREENING - Approx. $47 per parent for LiveScan background check and approximately $25 for TB test

P.E. SHIRTS - $10 PER SHIRT (required for P.E. in 6th-8th grades only)  Available online at

OUTDOOR EDUCATION CAMP (required) – Approximately $425 (6th grade only)


AFTER-SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS (optional) - Approx. $20-$50 a class meeting
Violin Class, Guitar, Foreign Languages, Cooking, Science Club, and Piano. 

TUTORING is available at $50/hour

YEARBOOK (optional) – approximately $40

WASHINGTON, D.C., TRIP (optional) – Approx. $3,000-students; $3,300-adults (7th - 8th grades only)

Parent Participation Program (required) – Each family (not student) pays $400 and has the opportunity to volunteer 20 hours/year for a full refund (or roll it over for the next school year)


EXTENDED CARE is available before school from 7:00-8:00 a.m. and after school from 3:15-6:00 p.m. at a cost of $9.00 per child per hour; billed in 15-minute increments, or portion thereof. The extended care program closes at 6:00 p.m. and there is a penalty fee of $10 per 15-minute segment of time or portion thereof, for children picked up after 6:00 p.m. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ON DAYS WHEN THERE IS NO SCHOOL, THERE IS NO EXTENDED CARE AVAILABLE. However, extended care is available on half days of school.


WCCA partners with a tuition management company, FACTS, to manage family billing accounts. As part of your acceptance of WCCA admissions offer you will execute an agreement with FACTS during the online enrollment process. FACTS is integrated with RenWeb, our school information system, and you will access your FACTS account by logging into your WCCA RenWeb account with the credentials you establish during enrollment.
WCCA is passionate about keeping its costs low so that future tuition increases can be minimized. Please partner with us by choosing a payment method that both minimizes WCCA payment processing and office labor costs AND maximizes the likelihood that your payment will be received on time so that your account won’t be assessed follow-up fees.

AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS – Simplify your life and eliminate late fees forever! WCCA strongly encourages all families to enroll in “autopay”. When establishing your on-line WCCA FACTS billing account you will be able to manage enrollment in either automatic electronic debits from your bank account (at no additional charge) or automatic charges to your credit or debit card (the 2.95% merchant services processing fee is passed on to you for credit and debit card transactions). The account deduction (or card charge) will occur on your chosen due date. Autopay accounts will receive an emailed reminder a few days prior to the scheduled payment.

ON-LINE AND PHONE PAYMENTS – You will have the ability to pay your WCCA RenWeb/FACTS account on-line or by phoning FACTS (866)412-4637 at any time. “Electronic check” payments (entering bank account routing number and account number) can be made at no charge; Credit or debit card payments will be assessed the 2.95% merchant services processing fee. If you did not enroll in autopay at the time of enrollment/re-enrollment, you can opt to enroll in autopay online at any time.

CREDIT CARD – As mentioned above, you will be able to make payments toward your account balances at any time with major credit cards whether via recurring auto-pay, or one-time on-line account payments, or by phoning FACTS. Since the 2.95% merchant services processing fee is passed on to you for all credit or debit card payments, in most situations you will find it more cost effective to pay via an “electronic check” from your bank account. However, there may be situations where a family finds it advantageous to pay via credit card, such as when the 2.95% processing fee will be less than the $40 follow-up fee, or for reward points, or for your convenience. The choice is up to you.

DEBIT CARD – Although debit cards can be accepted with a 2.95% processing fee, families who wish their payments to directly deduct from their bank accounts are advised to pay via electronic check (routing number and account number) NOT via a debit card to avoid processing the fee (unless you have other advantages for using a debit card).


The Academy operates with no financial margin, and its budget is projected solely on the basis of fees and tuition.  We count on your cooperation in keeping all accounts current.

    Please read and make sure you are familiar with the following:

  1. The Application Fee is non-refundable.  If, after testing and/or an interview with the administration, it is recommended that your child not be accepted for enrollment at the Academy, the Enrollment Fee will be refunded.
  2. Tuition begins on August 1.  Tuition paid in full by August 1 receives a discount.  All families are automatically set up on the 10-month payment schedule. 
  3. 30 day notice required for withdrawal. We know plans can change. If they do, kindly notify the school 30 days before the day of withdrawal. This also applies to the first day of school. This will allow another student on the waitlist a chance to enroll and the bookkeeper time to update your payment plan. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting 1 month of tuition. 
  4. Current WCCA families may receive tuition credit when, upon their recommendation, a family new to WCCA completes their enrollment in WCCA.  Multiple referral credits may be earned.  See the New Student Referral Credit information sheet for complete details.
  5. A family that qualifies for both the early payment discount and the referral credit may choose one credit to apply to their account.
  6. Monthly tuition payment plans are from August through May (10-month plan) using FACTS, RenWeb’s automatic scheduled payment service.   For those families who are not set up for automatic payments in FACTS, tuition is due on the 10th of the month. The associated fees for bank drafts will be paid by the school. 
  7. Extended care and other incidental charges will be billed to your account and may be paid by check, cash, or through FACTS.
  8. If the account is not up-to-date by the end of the month, parents must contact the bookkeeper's office to make arrangements for payment.  If a family gets two months behind in tuition, and no arrangements have been made, the family will be asked to withdraw until the bill is paid. 
  10. Outstanding tuition and other fees are due and payable in full when a student withdraws or is dismissed for any reason.  Fees and some tuition are non-refundable in case of withdrawal or dismissal.
  11. Tuition and fees are to be fully paid on or before the last day of school.  A student’s account must be current before that student is allowed to attend the following year and before a graduating eighth grader receives his/her diploma.
  12. Parents will be charged for damages to or loss of school property attributable to their student.