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They will soar on wings like Eagles... Isaiah 40:31


WCCA's 10,000+ volume library includes a wide array of resource materials, fiction and non-fiction books, and numerous audio-visual materials. Overseen by our full-time librarian, the entire collection is accessible via a computer cataloging system that includes an automated procedure for checking out and tracking books.



All students have access to a fully equipped computer lab, complete with filtered internet access, which is overseen by our qualified computer teacher.

Primary and intermediate students spend one to two days per week in a computer lab class where they become familiar with numerous programs that further enhance their math and language skills. In addition, students learn keyboarding skills and software applications as they become more prepared for today's world of technology.

Junior High students enrolled in electives such as computer and yearbook utilize the computer lab. Also, junior high teachers will periodically take students to use the computer lab for core subject classes.



Mrs. Heekyung Park, an accomplished performance violinist, oversees our music program. She teaches weekly music classes to all primary and intermediate students. Classes include instruction in music theory and basic concepts for reading music. In each grade, students put their skill to practical use as they learn to play a variety of musical instruments. Kindergarten and first grade students learn to play rhythm instruments; second graders play hand bells; third graders play the flutophone; and fourth and fifth graders play the recorder. The ultimate goal is for students to be able to play a simple melody line.

Mrs. Park also teaches the Jr. High Choir elective. This class teaches basic music theory, choral and individual performance skills, and music appreciation. The students also learn how to play the guitar. Mrs. Park leads them through performances on and off campus.

The music and drama department put on three productions a year, which involve most primary and intermediate students, as well as the Jr. High choir. The annual Christmas program showcases the talents of our intermediate students and Jr. High choir as they perform a drama that reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. The evening Spring Concert features our primary choir, string ensemble, and Jr. High choir, as well as individual performances from all grade levels, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our Grandparent's Day event features songs and poems that honor our special guests.


Senora Rash teaches weekly Spanish classes to all primary and intermediate students. Classes include instruction in vocabulary and basic conversational language.  Jr. High students have the option of taking Spanish as their elective each year.



Art projects are incorporated into the daily curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade. Jr. High students have the option of taking an art class as their elective each year.