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They will soar on wings like Eagles... Isaiah 40:31

Lunchroom Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Lunchroom Phone: 935-1587, ext. 229

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September 2017
Monday, August, 28
Tuesday, August, 29
Wednesday, August, 30
Thursday, August, 31
Friday, September, 1


Every student is assigned a number and has an account set up on our lunchroom computer. This software allows parents to deposit money into their child’s account and then debits their account when the student purchases lunch, drinks or any extras each day.

Each morning, your child’s teacher will take any lunch orders. If you know your child will arrive late to school(after 9:30am), please call the office and let them know your child's lunch choice. This is important because each day’s count determines exactly how much food is prepared or ordered (like pizza!). When even one child receives a lunch he didn’t order, it could mean that another, who did order, won’t get their choice for the day.

We will accept lunch payments on any day of the week. You or your child may give your payment to his teacher, the school office, or directly to the lunch ladies. These deposits will be posted to your child’s account by the next business day. Remember to place your child’s name, grade, and teacher in a check’s “memo” line or indicate if you want the payment split between more than one child. Payments may be made in cash, check, or directly through RenWeb.

We strongly encourage all parents to keep a balance of at least $25 in their child’s account.  If your child’s account reaches $10, your child will be allowed to order entree only. We understand extenuating circumstances, but please know that we do not believe we’re teaching our children biblical principals when they’re allowed to buy “on credit;” and bottom line, the lunchroom also has bills to pay and cannot operate when many do not pay their share. Remember, the lunchroom is a convenience, as there is always the option of bringing lunch from home!

Yes, to Junior High students during their first break! Mr. Jones, Junior High Chair, selects some students to run the computer, thus allowing us to offer this “snack bar” time without interfering with lunch preparations. However, buying snacks is a privilege for those who have money in their account. If your child has a negative account balance, they will not be allowed to purchase ANY snacks during this time. Also, if you do not want your child to purchase snacks, please just let us know.

Please note that it is the parents’ responsibility to keep track of their child’s account balance through RenWeb. In the past, we have sent home letters that remind parents of either a low balance or any amount due. Because these letters are often misplaced and out-dated almost as soon as they’re printed, we have done away with these notices. Instead, we will continue to offer e-mail notifications once a week when your account is at or below the $10 mark (please make sure the office has your e-mail address).

Watch for menu changes each quarter published in the WCCA Eagle Forum, RenWeb, or check this page. “Crustless” peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese, or burritos are the only items that will be available every day, all year long.

Some Final Thoughts

You may add money to your child’s lunch account on any day of the week!

If you ever have any questions on whether or not we received a deposit, our software can track all purchases throughout the year. Just call us and we’ll walk you through it! We can also transfer money between accounts, if you find that one child eats more than another.

Please be diligent in monitoring your child’s eating habits and account balance.

Every effort is made to ensure that no child purchases a lunch or any extras on their account to give to a friend. And no, we don’t allow your children to take money out of their account once you’ve put it in! (Unless you tell us otherwise.)

Remember — if you choose not to put money in your child’s account and your child plans to buy lunch, please send him/her with cash for that day’s lunch purchase.

Typically, lunch is not served the first week of school, the last few days before Christmas and Thanksgiving breaks, on any half-days, and the last few days of school. Always check the WCCA Eagle Forum for current dates!

Looking for a Volunteer Opportunity?

While there are two paid positions that coordinate the program, it survives thanks to the volunteer preparation and serving support of numerous parents. If you’d like to help out, your time would be greatly appreciated and the rewards are great! Not only do you earn valuable PPP hours, but one of your children receives a free lunch. In addition, it’s a great way to meet other parents and get to know your child’s friends! Typically, we ask for an every-other-week commitment, mostly from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., but there are also some needs for volunteers to help on certain days between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.Whether you want to work for the whole year or just for a month, we would value your time!